Bringing The Cloud Closer To You

Decentralised edge Kubernetes compute and S3 storage for faster, more secure, more sustainable applications.

Up to 10x


Nothing travels faster than light, but it’s still a speed limit. Closer means faster.

Up to 90%

Energy savings

Even fibre optics are inefficient when traveling large distances. Closer means greener.

Up to 50%

Cost savings

We pass our savings onto you — try beating €0.02/GB. Closer means less expensive.

Launching this Fall: Green Edge Storage

Speed. Security. Savings. S3 storage with increased performance, unprecedented security, maximum efficiency, unbeatable pricing and nodes across Europe and the World.

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Green Edge Philosophy

We believe in helping create a world where technology promotes and protects personal liberty and sovereignty. A decentralised internet is inherently faster, greener, more private, and more secure.


Decentralisation is the obvious design decision when it comes to reducing latency. Why travel to another city or even country for something that can be found in your home town? Better still, it allows you to legitimately own your data.

Building a better world means moving away from monolithic corporations, and instead empowering individuals and communities.


The Internet currently represents a massive 10% of global energy consumption, and this will only grow if left unchecked. Our energy-efficient grid solves this problem at scale, and renders our services substantially less expensive than US-based options like AWS and Azure — while also improving quality.

Green Edge promotes sustainability of both people and the planet.

Private & Secure

Decentralised storage automatically encrypts all data at its source, and then splits it into chunks that are stored across the distributed network — making it virtually impossible to hack. And since Green Edge will never have access to any user data, social hacking is also impossible.

Goodbye, vulnerability. Hello, sovereignty.

Proud Member of the Alliance for a Conscious Internet

Green Edge is part of the Alliance for a Conscious Internet, a collective and open ecosystem of planet and human-centric projects forming a new peer-to-peer internet.

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Future data centre

Our data centres.
Always connected.

+20 petabytes storage
+2850 cores
+100% uptime

Use cases

We’ve been dedicated to practical, professional implementations of this technology from the very beginning, and we’ll be offering this same assurance and approach in perpetuity.

How Does It Work?

Green Edge is the largest and first certified provider of cloud compute and storage capacity on the Threefold Network. Here’s a bit about how Threefold works:


Also called the Threefold Grid, this foundational layer provides the globally distributed architecture of hardware and software that generates the peer-to-peer compute and storage capacity of the Threefold Network.


Sitting between the hardware and the user experience, this layer automatically deploys and operates your IT infrastructure and associated services. And it’s self-healing, which means you’ll never have to worry about service failures or lost data.


This is where it all happens: work, play, and everything in between. The Experience layer hosts suites of decentralised apps (dApps), and can be endlessly designed and crafted by innovators driven to create new experiences.

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