Artheon VR Museum

The Artheon Virtual Reality Museum is a free educational platform on Oculus Rift, offering immersive, next level interaction with objects of cultural heritage. See it in action.

We at are now working together with Green Edge to store our digital art collection. It is inspiring and promising to be hosted on your decentralised cloud, rather on the centralised clouds built by monopolistic mega corporations.
Vasily Gnuchev
CEO & Founder, Artheon

Services Provided

S3 Storage

AWS Compatible

Single-tenant storage accessible via the industry-standard S3 API.

Edge Location

Frankfurt & Vienna

Low-latency capacity nearby the early users.


High Throughput

Lightning-fast to ensure smooth user experience.


99.99 % Uptime

Ensuring Artheon's users have a seamless experience.


Artheon were looking for a computing and storage platform to deliver their bandwidth-intensive virtual reality application to Oculus Rift headsets in consumer living rooms and classrooms.


Artheon stores artworks in UltraHD, with 8k resolution. As users view artworks from different distances and angles, different versions must be generated and delivered in realtime to ensure a smooth and delay-free customer experience. This requires super low-latency and intense storage and compute performance demands.


Green Edge provided its high performance S3 storage to Artheon to allow them to test their application at scale.

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