HPE Proof-of-Technology

HPE leveraged Green Edge’s certified capacity to validate ThreeFold’s innovative technology for decentralised cloud computing

HPE and Green Edge continue to test and advance the capabilities of Zero OS and the ThreeFold Grid for peer-to-peer decentralised cloud computing. We have made significant progress to advance the way how people will experience hybrid cloud solutions in the future.
Martin Moser
General Manager and Senior Director Hybrid IT Hardware in CERTA, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Services Provided


Our Data Centers

We provided our Vienna and Salzburg data centres for HPE’s proof-of-technology


Private Overlay

Using our grid, a bounded, hack-proof network was created



Using erasure-coding, storage was deployed across the two locations



Compute workloads were deployed and automatically restarted when killed


HPE wanted to prove that ThreeFold’s innovative peer-to-peer hosting technology could deliver on its promise, and be the foundation of decentralised cloud computing.


As the leading provider of ThreeFold capacity running on certified, enterprise-grade HPE hardware, Green Edge was the obvious choice for hosting the proof-of-technology.


ThreeFold deployed a private overlay network over Green Edge’s Vienna 1 and Salzburg data centers, showing that there is zero hacking surface, and zero access for anyone but HPE to their capacity. They then deployed distributed storage and compute workloads, validating the feature set and performance of the grid.


In the beginning of April 2020, HPE declared the Proof Of Technology “promising”, committing to a deeper validation and verification of ThreeFold’s platform stack to enable continuous growth of the Green Edge global grid.

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