Green Edge Storage

S3 storage with increased performance, unprecedented security, maximum efficiency, unbeatable pricing and nodes across Europe and the World. Launching this Fall.

Green Edge is launching cost-effective S3 at a time when businesses urgently need relief on costs of their essential services.
Joe Foxton
GM & CPO, Green Edge


S3 Compatible

Simple Object Storage

100% compatible with any applications built on AWS


Erasure Coding

Erasure coding providing bullet-proof protection against data loss

Single Tenant

Owned by you

Host your data in a single tenant that is only accessible by you

Low Latency

Edge Hosting

Minimise hops and optimise performance


European Values

Amazon Web Services has become the industry standard for cloud computing. However, companies have become more averse to delegating their most core business functions to a US-based giant. CTOs and CIOs are looking for a more local, green, and cost effective solution.


Green Edge offers companies a cost-effective alternative to AWS using Threefold’s unique peer-to-peer compute platform, and their Jumpscale deployment and automation framework. Using a Private Overlay Network, companies can create their own single-tenant clouds, and guarantee that their storage is hosted in places they trust.

Cost & Carbon Efficient

With 20 petabytes of storage online and ready for action, Green Edge has the firepower to make a dent in the increasing demand. Using the inherent efficiencies in Threefold’s technology, Green Edge can offer AWS-equivalent services at a fraction of the price and carbon footprint.

Get Early Access

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